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Svinīgi iemūrēta kapsula Vienotā tiesu ekspertīžu centra laboratoriju ēkas pamatos

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Pabeigts SIA “Tiesu namu aģentūra” administratīvās ēkas Raiņa bulvārī 15, Rīgā iekštelpu remonts

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TNA Lomonosova 7431 24.04.2021.

Ekspluatācijā pieņemta administratīvā ēka Lomonosova ielā 10, Rīgā

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Ekspluatācijā pieņemta administratīvā ēka Daugavgrīvas ielā 58, Rīgā

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About TNA

TNA provides legal institutions with premises necessary for the fulfilment of their functions and delivers necessary services for their maintenance. TNA effectively manages and rents out real estate for the maximum comfort of both premise users and clients.

TNA ensures the functioning of IT infrastructure of legal institutions and their service. On the demand of legal institutions TNA manages IS projects and maintains IS implemented, thus achieving a proper and effective use of resources.

TNA ensures publication of legal information necessary for legal institutions and the society, which increases the public awareness of TNA as a publisher of quality legal literature.

TNA satisfies the demand of all legal institutions in premises, IT infrastructure, and information technologies necessary for the fulfilment of their functions, as well as their maintenance.

Legal institutions perceive TNA as an expert and partner in all fields of its activities.

TNA is recognized as a reliable provider of legal information.