Limited liability company “Tiesu namu aģentūra” (TNA) (Courthouse agency) was established in 1997 by a ruling of the Republic of Latvia government. TNA is a commercial company 100% owned by the state. The holder of state-owned capital shares is the Ministry of Justice.


Main lines of TNA business include:

- management and maintenance of real estate being in the possession of the Ministry of Justice;

- ensuring the operation of IT infrastructure of Republic of Latvia courts, Ministry of Justice, its subordinate institutions and other clients, maintenance and administration of workstations, servers, and computer networks;

- publication of legal educational books, legal acts and their collections, as well as summaries of court rulings.


TNA has implemented and maintains the following management systems:

- quality management system in conformity with ISO 9001:2009 international standard requirements (since 2007);

- information security management system in conformity with ISO 27001:2013 international standard requirements (since 2015);

- IT services management system in conformity with ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011 international standard requirements (since 2015).

TNA is a member of the Latvian Quality Association, the Republic of Latvia Association of Accountants, and the Latvian Association of Book Publishers.



TNA satisfies the demand of all legal institutions in premises, IT infrastructure, and information technologies necessary for the fulfilment of their functions, as well as their maintenance.

Legal institutions perceive TNA as an expert and partner in all fields of its activities.

TNA is recognized as a reliable provider of legal information.



TNA provides legal institutions with premises necessary for the fulfilment of their functions and delivers necessary services for their maintenance. TNA effectively manages and rents out real estate for the maximum comfort of both premise users and clients.

TNA ensures the functioning of IT infrastructure of legal institutions and their service. On the demand of legal institutions TNA manages IS projects and maintains IS implemented, thus achieving a proper and effective use of resources.

TNA ensures publication of legal information necessary for legal institutions and the society, which increases the public awareness of TNA as a publisher of quality legal literature.