The goal of TNA publishing business is to educate lawyers and other law enforcers, to develop juridical science in Latvia, as well as to inform the society about law.

The publishing activities of TNA include three main directions: preparation and publication of educational literature, collections of legal acts and commentaries, as well as summaries of court rulings. More than 20 legal books are published every year.

Books are prepared in cooperation with the teaching staff of the University of Latvia Faculty of Law and authorities in the field of law, the Ministry of Justice, the Court Administration, the Supreme Court and other law enforcement institutions.

When preparing collections of legal acts, TNA bears in mind the needs and demands of law enforcement bodies, as well as curricula of legal studies. The wording of texts in legal acts is prepared only using official sources of information.

TNA includes in these collections rulings of different instances of general jurisdiction courts and administrative courts, as well as judgements of the Constitutional Court. The publications are prepared for convenient use, enabling the reader to find the necessary court ruling easily. These publications are an important source of case law and judicial practice, which helps to study legal practice and develop legal thought and judicial culture.


Services delivered by TNA:

- preparation and publication of books;

- printing books on client’s demand;

- publishing services;

- providing legal information;

- sale of books.

Outlets of TNA publishing unit:

TNA office: Riga, Baldones Street 1B

phone: +371 67804742

Open: Monday–Thursday 8.30–16.00, Friday 8.30–15.00


TNA bank requisites for book orders

State joint-stock company “Tiesu namu aģentūra”

Baldones Street 1B, LV-1007, Riga

Registration No. 40003334410

PVN No. LV40003334410

Bank: AS SEB banka


Account No. LV08UNLA0050013897897

Legal information and Publishing Section


Phone: 67804738
Fax: 67804757




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